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Treadmill Exercise

The benefits of our Treadmill are widely known, whether walking or running you can build up your aerobic capability and look to improve your cardiovascular system while burning calories.

Treadmills are a great exercise because you can record or aim for a set time/distance and quite happily repeat that time/distance for as long as you like. You can then choose (If you so wish) to aim for a new target of further time and distance. Setting a goal means you can physically feel and see any fitness improvements.


Tremor Board Exercise

The body responds to Tremor Board vibrations in a truly amazing way! Scientific research has shown that the human body is unparalleled in its ability to adapt to various external stressors and stimuli, and the resulting benefits derived from Vibration Exercise are from that process.

The original intended benefit of Vibration Exercise Therapy was increased bone density and muscle strength, but it turned out that the first advantage many users noticed was a dramatic increase in flexibility and range of motion. The quick contractions of muscle fiber not only created flexibility, but also burned fat, increased metabolism, improved circulation, improved cellular oxygen and nutrient delivery which slows the degenerative/ageing process!

Also great for cellulite reduction which conventional gym workouts do not target and can also be used to ease arthritis and bone pain. Vibration exercise is also used by professional athletes and footballers for speeding up recovery of injuries.


Multi-gym chair

Our Multi-gym chair lets you perform most exercises that a larger piece of equipment would allow. There are no unwieldy weights involved as our chair works with tension which is proven to help muscle stability while ensuring safe operation.

Continuous operation trains muscle fitness for power and endurance, while holding positions and stretching will improve muscle twitch fibers. Both routines are of course good for fat burning


Exercise room Prices

Both single sessions and block sessions include free use of Treadmill, Tremor Board and Multi-Gym chair.
  • One (30 minute) Session • Only £4.00
  • Ten (30 minute) Sessions • Only £30.00
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