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Silver Slimming Pills

Silver slimming tablets are a natural and fast weight loss which make you feel more energetic by naturally stabilising your metabolism, instead of feeling lethargic, which can happen whilst dieting. They contain naturally occurring caffeine and guarna to actually give a much needed energy boost which in turn allows your body to burn more fat.


Silver Slimming Course Prices

  • 1 week course (28 caps) • Only £8.99
  • 4 week course (85 caps) • Only £24.99
  • 7 week course (150 caps) • Only £39.99

Silver Slimming Pills Information


For Adult use only (18+). As a dietary nutritional food supplement: 1-2 tablets to be taken orally at 10am and 1-2 tablets to be taken orally at 3PM. DO NOT exceed 4 capsules in 1 day and do not take after 3pm as your sleeping pattern may be affected.
DO drink at least 6-8 glasses of water each day.

Reduce your intake to a maintenance level once your desired weight is reached.

For best results

Reduce your intake of caffeine, tea, soft drinks, alcohol, sugar and junk food. Continue to eat healthily and sensibly, there's no need to diet as such but cutting out the sugary foods will allow the Silver slimming tablets to work more effectively, and as an added benefit you will actually gain energy and lose weight more easily.

Who can't take them

Not intended for nursing or pregnant women. Not intended for use by persons under the age of 18. Consult your G.P. before taking if you have any known medical conditions or problems (e.g. diabetes).


Serving Size per Capsule: 100.00mg Potassium Hydroxy Citrate, 40.00mg Magnesium Carbonate, 6.00mg Zinc Alpha tocophcryl acetate, 200.00mg Guarana Extract, 0.10mg Chromium amino acid Chelate, 10.00mg Ginseng Root Powder, 5.00mg Bioperine, 1.00mg Gotu Cola, 1.00mg Damiana Leaves Powder, 1.00mg Spirulina, 1.00mg Soy Lecithin, 1.00mg Cayenne Extract, 81.00mg Caffeine.

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