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How to train #hip #flexor #Psoas #muscles using a #bike

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How to train #hip #flexor #Psoas #muscles using a #bike

Postby Admin » 07 Jun 17 21:14

Depending on the bike you use set the difficulty level high. On this particular bike i have set at level 12. Here i am performing 3 x sets of 2 minutes. one minute rest between sets.
The idea is to pull up on the straps and apply no pressure at all to the pedals on the down stroke.
Make sure the straps on your pedals are tight because you will be using this for the pull up motion. Can be done after anaerobic (HITT) exercise on the bike or after aerobic. Build strength into your hip flexors for strong core and is also good for martial arts kicks. ie: lifting knee to chamber position before roundhouse, axe or front push and snap kicks. This is for strength only and not for speed. To increase the speed requires isometric training using rubber bands which is covered in another section on our website chat forum under exercise. Speed for martial arts.
click the link below to watch video!
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How to train #hip #flexor #Psoas #muscles using a #bike • Exercise

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