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#Treadmill #running backwards for #Calves and #Glutes

Chat about exercise and fitness routines

#Treadmill #running backwards for #Calves and #Glutes

Postby Admin » 08 Mar 15 21:12

Train your calves and Glutes while doing cardio for you heart and lungs.
Slow down the pace as when running backwards you naturally take smaller steps.
Hold the side bars until you get acquainted with this style of running or even just try walking first.
This will push up your heart rate to the same bpm at a slower speed because of the smaller steps and higher cadence
Side stepping gives you the chance to look at the monitors on screen and also a slight breather.
sideway Cross over steps can be done as well once you have gained experience.
Great for firing the legs up for a leg session.
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#Treadmill #running backwards for #Calves and #Glutes • Exercise

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