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Financial Martial law is coming

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Financial Martial law is coming

Postby Admin » 26 Jun 17 18:21

The following promotion is not intended as investment advice. Your capital is at risk when you invest in shares – you can lose some or all of your money. Never risk more than you can afford to lose. Always seek personal advice if you are unsure about the suitability of any investment.
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All your life you have been careful with your money.

Work hard. Live within your means. Build up your savings in the bank. You've done all the right things.

And it has been your right as a UK citizen to expect your money to be safe and for YOUR savings to be under YOUR control.

You take it as given that you can withdraw as much as you want, whenever you want.

And rightly so.

But today I’m writing to tell you that this arrangement… one that gives you freedom to save and spend your money as you wish… one that you take for granted… is coming under serious threat.

That’s why, if you have any savings in the bank… or any other assets priced in British sterling…

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If you’ve been paying attention to what’s been going on around you… you will already be worried.

The financial authorities have openly admitted their plan to consider a series of drastic actions that threaten your financial security…

And your fundamental rights as a British citizen .

Not only are they formally discussing negative interest rates – which will CHARGE you for the ‘privilege’ of holding your money… slowly stripping you of your wealth…

They are talking about abolishing cash altogether.

Don’t stand for it. We’re not.

We want to show you how to prepare to defend your wealth NOW – while you still can.

If you don’t realise the serious implications of this act, I’ll tell you more about this dystopian scheme as we go along. I’ll share with you:

- How every single one of your transactions will be tracked and logged

- How the financial authorities could manipulate the system and FORCE you to spend the money you want to save

- Why it will turn you into a SLAVE of the financial system

And I’ll explain how you can pick up your FREE book to help you survive these radical assaults on your personal wealth.

But first – you must prepare for…

It has long been the goal of rulers to control populations by controlling their money.

And we believe this is about to come to a sharp point here in Britain.

Because as you read this, central bankers, governments and large financial institutions are plotting the outlawing of hold-in-your-hand currency.

And now, for the first time in history — totalitarian control of our wealth is technologically possible.

Seem far-fetched? Like something from 1984?

Don't believe me?

Well, it's too late for any doubts. Because this strange and dangerous plan is already gathering momentum in the world's biggest economy — America.

JP Morgan Chase — the world's biggest bank — has enacted a policy restricting the use of cash in selected markets, bans on cash payments for credit cards, mortgages and car loans and disallows the storage of 'any cash or coins' in safe-deposit boxes.

Cash seizures in the US have rocketed because of aggressive new civil forfeiture laws. As reported in the Washington Post, last year police made 61,998 cash seizures. And they have confiscated more than $2 billion since 2001.

In the US, having large amounts of cash is already seen as being a 'suspicious activity'. If you withdraw a lot of cash in the States, the bank is REQUIRED BY LAW to fill out 'suspicious activity reports' or SARs on their customer

To a lot of people, these seemingly disparate financial controls might seem unconnected.

But if you are used to identifying patterns in the market — as we are — these 'breadcrumbs' lead you to a very worrying place.

Limits on cash are fast becoming the norm in many Western countries...

In France, you can now only spend 1,000 euros in cash.

French police can search people on trains just passing through France to see if they are transporting cash. And they have the power to seize it.

In Greece, drastic capital controls are still in place because of its ongoing financial crisis. Greek savers are still having their withdrawals RATIONED… unable to take out more than 500 euros a week.

In Sweden, banks are opening that won’t accept cash. And even in banks that do allow cash deposits, customers must explain where the money comes from.

The German Baader Bank, expects to formally abolish cash to enforce negative interest rates on accounts.

In Denmark, a new law to cut cash out of shopping could see Denmark become the first country to ditch notes and coins altogether. According to CNN Money, the Danish government has proposed that most stores could dump their cash registers.

In Australia, Citibank have announced a number of their branches will stop accepting cash altogether.

If you don't see where all this is heading, then let me be absolutely clear: they are coming for your cash.

In September 2016, the Bank of England made its plans explicit… with the BoE Chief Economist Andy Haldane floating the idea for the first time at a private speech:

Newspaper cutting
Complete abolition of cash threatens your very freedom and your rights as a British citizen.

And getting rid of cash has already been trialled here in Britain...

In 2014, a shopping street in Manchester banned cash as part of an experiment to see if we would accept a cashless society.

London buses stopped accepting cash payments from July 2014.

I'm sure you've noticed this quiet coercion in lots of other places, too... rewards for using debit and credit cards... closed cashier windows on the underground forcing you to use the machines, raising the contactless payment limit to £30, phone apps that let you digitally transfer money at a push of a button.

The authorities are associating cash with being old-fashioned, behind the times. They are trying to introduce a social stigma around it and humiliate every 'poor old sap' fumbling for change at the supermarket. This is a deliberate ploy to usher in an era of total control over your money and life.

Country by country, leading financial figures are trying to get higher denomination bills removed from circulation. The Bank of England has suggested the removal of the £50 note. The European Central Bank is planning to ban the 500 euro note. Australian financial authorities are trying to phase out the AUS$100.

And in November 2016, the War on Cash accelerated…

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi demonetized 500 and 1000 rupee notes, eliminating 86% of the country’s notes overnight. While Indians could theoretically exchange 500 and 1,000 rupee notes for higher denominations, it was only up to a limit of 4,000 rupees per person. Sums above that had to be routed through a bank account in a country where only 50% of Indians have such access.

And the following month, in December, the Venezuelan authorities became the latest aggressors in this war against its own citizens. As reported in The Guardian:

“Lining up from dawn with backpacks and plastic bags full of cash, Venezuelans flocked to banks across the country on Tuesday to ditch 100-–bolivar bills after President Nicolás Maduro’s surprise move to pull them from circulation.”
Bad financial ideas have a nasty habit of catching on. Look at QE. Look at low and negative interest rates. When the line has been crossed, the central banks of the world feel emboldened. And that’s bad news for you as an investor and saver.

Killing off cash gives them totalitarian power over you as an individual. Not only will their CCTV cameras (the most per square mile in the world) track your every move... but your every transaction will be logged, too. They will have complete control over your life.

'We are heading for economic Armageddon and the day of reckoning is rapidly approaching, you better wake up before the coffin is nailed shut' Financial journalist and Former Chairman of Princeton Economics Ltd, Martin Armstrong.
They can even FORCE you to spend money.

Imagine this scenario...

The stock market crashes. Talks of a recession ensue. So in response, the authorities lower rates to negative -5%. What are you going to do? Faced with seeing your hard-earned money slowly confiscated at a rate of 5% a year, you have no choice. Better go out and spend it, right? Buy shares. Buy another house, a car, a set of steak knives. Just buy something!

By now you must realise they will do ANYTHING — whatever it takes — to preserve their power over you.

This is Financial Martial Law.

This is an economic dictatorship that makes the system extremely combustible. Because all it will do is encourage people to rack up even MORE credit.

When you are being punished for saving money, who is going to save then? Not a single soul, of course. People will start to create debt en masse, because it is the better and cheaper option. Things cannot get a lot crazier than this.

If you have any doubt about what this War on Cash means for your money and your liberty, this excerpt from ZeroHedge sums what’s at stake here:

Cash is one of the few remaining options for financial privacy that doesn’t create a permanent record of every purchase or transaction you make.

It’s also an easy way to reduce your exposure to risks in the broader financial system.

Think about it– the banking system is full of institutions that never miss an opportunity to demonstrate they cannot be trusted with our money.

Hardly a month goes by without some major banking scandal; they’re caught colluding on exchange rates, manipulating interest rates, fraudulently establishing fake accounts without customer consent (and then charging us fees on top of that).

It’s disgraceful.

In addition, bank safety is far from certain.

In many banking systems across the world (especially in Europe right now), banks have precariously low levels of capital and are already suffering the effects of negative interest rates.

Even in the United States, banks routinely employ very clever accounting tricks to conceal their true financial condition.

There’s also the fact that, the moment you make a deposit at a bank, it’s no longer your money. It becomes the bank’s money.

And they can do with it as they please, whether it’s freezing you out of your account or making idiotic investments with minimal reserve requirements.

You have no say in the matter.

As a bank depositor, you’re nothing more than an unsecured creditor of a financial institution which may or may not allow you to withdraw your own savings.

If you don’t believe me, take a trip down to your bank and ask to withdraw $25,000. See how quickly they treat you like a criminal terrorist.

Bottom line, conventional banking is not risk–free. And holding cash is one way to reduce that risk.

Cash essentially eliminates the middleman between you and your savings… at least, the portion of your savings that can be easily exchanged for goods and services in the economy.

This is the collapse of capitalism. This is the death of the free market. The death of the British ideal of free trade amongst equals.

This affects everyone. But it is an especial kick in the gut to anyone who has spent most of their working life setting up a safety net for their retirement. That sounds like a bold claim. Let me tell you more about the man who is making it and the book he’s written to help protect Britons like you from the coming assault on your financial freedom.

Who is Tim Price? And why do I believe his book is so valuable I’m willing to send it to you for FREE ?
Tim Price is a realist.

He is an award winning fund manager. In fact, he has been nominated as ‘Best Defensive Investor’ in the UK five times.

He has been entrusted by some of the wealthiest institutions and individuals in Britain to look after a lot of money. To the tune of several billion pounds.

Tim doesn’t invest in an ideal world.

He invests in the world he sees around him. The real world.

He has worked at some of the world’s biggest and most influential financial institutions, such as Ansacher Bank and PFP Management. First as a bond salesman – then as a private wealth manager.

Tim is a regular columnist in MoneyWeek Magazine and executive editor John Stepek calls him "the best investor I know".

Tim is also a regular contributor to The Spectator, has been interviewed on the BBC and is frequently asked to speak at events such as The MoneyShow.


Because Tim has a habit of getting the big calls right... spotting the lurking dangers in the market and steering the hundreds of millions he looks after out of harm’s way.

The War On Cash Book by Tim Price
In fact, in 2008, while the wealth of millions was being obliterated by the financial crisis, Tim’s wealth fund preserved its value. It takes a lot to spook a big picture thinker like Tim.

But right now, he’s worried. He sees a situation developing that could decimate the wealth of millions of people in this country. And that’s why he has spent the last six months putting together The War on Cash: How to Survive Financial Martial Law

He is concerned that here in Britain people do not see where the actions being deployed by our financial authorities are heading.

He believes hordes of innocent savers and investors – including you – could soon be herded into financial enslavement.

In short, he’s now predicting the worst assault on personal wealth Britons have EVER seen:

Financial Martial Law is coming to Britain – and your savings and investments are under threat
As you will discover in Tim’s book, the authorities are scared.

Faced with an unpayable public debt - £1.8 trillion and counting – they have defied the laws of finance and common sense to try and stave off disaster.

But how did things get so bad?

How did we reach a point when those we trusted to look after our interests started to deliberately deceive us?

Well, it happened quietly and seemingly innocuously.

At some point over the last 30 years, those in charge of the financial system — governments, central bankers — realised something profound:

They were losing control.

Their attempt to buck the laws of finance was failing.

Payback time for all that borrowed money — a harsh and impoverishing payback — was approaching.

They watched other debt-laden countries blow up before their eyes. The phony boom and inevitable bust of Japan in the 1980s was a harbinger of doom for the West. As was the Argentina crisis in the 1990s.

But instead of acting responsibly — paying down the debt by slowly and steadily reducing public spending... they did the opposite.

In gambling terms, they 'doubled-down'. They saw it as an opportunity to take further control of the financial system and your life.


Well, they made it cheaper and easier for them to keep borrowing. And harder and harder for you to save. They did this by lowering interest rates.

UK base rate past 25 years graph
Source: Bloomberg

Here, let me show you...

Low interest rates make it easier to borrow money.

That's why the government and the Bank of England have pushed interest rates down to an all-time low.

The lowest they have been in over 5,000 years!

It doesn't make any sense. Step back and think about it.

Usually when you are in huge debt, interest is high. The more debt you have, the riskier it is to lend to you.

But rates have been at emergency lows for EIGHT years.

Short and long term interest rate graph
Source: Bank of England

And it has driven hordes of disillusioned savers to commit financial suicide... wrack up debts they too can never pay back. Everyone is spending money they don't have.

It has fuelled the biggest financial boom in history. Sending house prices and stock markets to all-time highs.

But behind the charade, this artificial system is already failing. Nothing can stop it.

Most systems — in the mechanical world — have a way of dealing with this problem. Machines that have the potential to cause harm include a switch that is automatically triggered when it becomes dangerous.

It's called a 'fail-safe'. It's a 'kill switch' for when danger is imminent.

Unfortunately, an economic policy can have no such switch. There is no fail-safe. The financial machine will be left to run and run until its pressure gauges blow.

In a matter of months, or weeks, even days, all that pressure will be released.

And it will be used to usher in a time of unprecedented financial restrictions for you.

The initiative to control your money
The simple truth is, we're screwed.

If interest rates were at their historically 'normal' rate of 5% — instead of the all-time low of 0.5% they're at right now — there's absolutely no way Britain could ever repay its debts.

In fact, at normal rates of interest we're already bust. Not just 'in over our heads' but six feet under.

It's simple maths. If interest rates moved back towards the normal 5% level, our cost of borrowing would triple.

Just to put that into context, if our current debt repayments tripled, the government would have to take drastic action — like abolishing the state pension. Or privatizing the NHS. Or pushing tax rates back up to 90%, as they were in the 1960s.

In short, Britain would change radically.

And that's just if interest rates move back to 'normal' levels.

Now you are probably thinking 'there's no way the Bank of England or the government would let this happen'. You think they'd act to prevent it.

You are right. They are about to act. They are considering abolishing your cash to keep a tight control on your money.

We may not think of ourselves as an extreme economy like Argentina. Or Cyprus. Or Greece. But the reality of it is: we're the same.

In fact, we have borrowed far more than any of those nations. The perception is that our economy is too important. That Britain is too big to fail.

Don't believe it.

What you are about to see is the end-game of Britain's colossal accumulation of debt. And it is a ticking time bomb.

In this scenario, debt is the gunpowder... it has made our entire system prone to combustion.

Interest rates are the spark that will set the whole thing off.

Those in charge of the financial system know it.

They will do everything they can to delay the explosion of Britain's debt bomb.

And that's why they could be on the verge of implementing draconian measures:

Total control of your money.

Are you prepared to cede control over your finances and life?
Speaking as an investor, this sickens me. The authorities are trying to turn us into a nation of reckless spenders. Your right to save money and see it grow is being abolished.

If that doesn't bother you, stop reading. I can't help you. I just hope you make it through Financial Martial Law in-tact.

But if you are totally unprepared, I don't fancy your chances.

This plot to control your wealth and life has been brewing for centuries, as 19th Century American President Andrew Jackson said of his bankers:

'You are a den of vipers! I intend to rout you out, and by the Eternal God I will rout you out. If the people only understood the rank injustice of our money and banking system, there would be a revolution before morning.'
But there has been no revolution. Their power has only increased as the years have gone by.

As financial journalist John Rubino wrote: 'A cashless society would pretty much guarantee a dictatorship in a single generation.'
That is their plan for you and your money — enslavement.

I want to help you sabotage those plans.

You really need to grasp what is going on. There is a serious risk of losing more than 'just' money here... this is a threat to your freedom. This is about the financial authorities forcing their will upon you and deciding what you can and cannot do with YOUR life!

And in my view, your chances of going it alone and coming out on top are perilously low.

Over the next five to ten years, I believe Britain will be divided in two:

Those who want to remain asleep. They believe the lie. They will choose delusion.

Those who want to wake up. They see things the way they really are. They have had their eyes opened. They will seek new and effective ways to preserve their money.

Which group will you fall into?

Only you can make that choice.

But it is one you need to make NOW.

So what can you do? How can you prepare?


If you provide me a valid UK address, I will send you Tim’s book, FOR FREE.
The War On Cash Book by Tim Price
You need a survival guide to help you understand and respond to this shameless attack on your personal wealth and freedom.

And I’d like to hand it to you – for FREE.

My only request is you pay a reasonable £4.50 to help with the unavoidable costs of shipping & handling.

My name, by the way, is Nick O’ Connor.

I’m a publisher here at Southbank Investment Research, an independent financial publishing firm with more than 100,000 readers around the globe.

But here’s the important part: I haven’t been this concerned about a worldwide market meltdown since 2008, and I believe so strongly that Tim’s new book can help you survive, that I want to give it to you today.

Inside you’ll discover ...

Part One – The mess we’re in.

In these chapters Tim explains how central bankers have seized control of the world’s finances…

Why they have broken all known laws of finance and common sense to delay the ‘inevitable’ collapse all debt-reliant civilizations must suffer…

And why that makes their desperate experiments with your money so dangerous.

Part Two: The threats to your money

Here Tim brings the context to this disaster to a sharp point: what it means for you and your financial future.

Tim reveals how the inevitability of rising interest rates will obliterate UK savers and investors.

He forecasts a Great Depression for the eurozone, a massive US stock market collapse and an event that could prove a financial nightmare for everyone in the country: the bursting of the UK gilt bubble.

Part Three: How to protect yourself

Crucially for you, Tim uses his 25 years’ experience as an award-winning wealth manager to show you how to respond to these threats.

Tim has put together a coherent and easy to action plan so you can prepare for the financial chaos he predicts.

You’ll discover the 25 practical steps you can take with your money now to help shield you from market panic.

You’ll also get an introduction to Tim’s ‘Cockroach Portfolio’ approach – an asset allocation strategy that Tim believes can help you survive the coming assault on your personal wealth.

That’s just a glimpse of what Tim sheds light on in.

I understand you must have a few questions about the book and whether it is really for you. So I’ve tried to anticipate them. I sat down with Tim recently and asked him some of the questions that might be swirling around your head right now.

Simply click on the question to read Tim’s answer:
Q. Why are you issuing this warning now?

Q. Who is this book for?

Q. Critics might say this sort of thing is sensationalist and could damage your reputation as a serious wealth manager. What would you say to them?

Q. What is the real threat here? If financial authorities do restrict – or even abolish cash – what does it mean for the man on the street?

Q. What’s happened since you completed the book that you think makes this threat even more urgent?

Q. Isn’t the real threat people should be preparing against RISING interest rates, not negative rates? Wouldn’t rising rates be a lot more destructive? Are these two things connected?

Q. What’s the risk of doing nothing? Of simply seeing how this plays out?

Q. Can people prepare against the financial restrictions you believe they are about to face?

Q. How can your ‘Cockroach Portfolio’ approach help investors see this through? How does it work?

Q. What do you want people to take away from this book?

There’s so much more, I don’t have the space to explain it all here.

That’s why, instead of me trying to convince you about how crucial this information is for you and your family— I’ve arranged it so you can see it all for yourself first, before you make a decision.

In other words, instead of asking you to trust me when I tell you how great this book is ...

I’ll put my trust in you first, by giving you this valuable book FREE, so you can make up your own mind
I can do this confidently because I know the value of this information. I believe in Tim’s work so completely that I’ve started taking the steps he recommends inside this book for my own family (and it’s why I’m absolutely convinced it can help you too).

And that’s why I want to offer you a copy of this book free. Again, all I ask is you invest just £4.50 to help cover the costs of shipping the book.

I think you will look back in a few months or a year and consider this the best fiver you ever spent. It could save you a lot of heartache and anxiety down the line.

But also, because I want you to be as prepared as possible, I want to send you four more special gifts when you reserve your copy of The War on Cash: How to Survive Financial Martial Law today ...


We are living through the tail end of the biggest bubble in history — a bubble in bonds. At some point it has to burst — so we must ensure that our capital isn't vulnerable as and when that happens. Do you know how to stay ahead of the carnage? Tim will give you a clear idea of how to manage this dangerous investment landscape.


The media select, they interpret, they emotionalise and they manipulate facts. The media lie. They have an agenda to placate and confuse you. As this crisis develops, there will be a lot of misinformation, spin and deception. Tim will show you how to cut through the noise and keep a clear head.


Inside this report you will find simple steps you can take now to sure-–up your wealth as financial repression in the UK intensifies.


The markets are volatile, rising and falling at every tid bit of news and political spin. In this report Tim shows you how to keep a cool head and keep your wealth on track. This is the same calibre of insight and guidance he gives his wealthy clients. Today its yours with our compliments.

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Think of Tim’s London Investment Alert as your personal financial intelligence service.

Every other week, he'll send you a special briefing on the market's latest lurking dangers. He uses his 25 years of experience and knowledge gained from vast contacts all over the world... to bring you a clear and sharply-focused picture of the financial landscape.

There are three distinct parts to his intelligence strategy that help him (and you) prepare for what may be around the corner. This process has served him very well over the years — Tim has been nominated 5 times for his defensive investing style — and I think you can benefit from it too:

Signal intelligence:

This is Tim’s stock in trade, analysing and selecting from the torrent of information cascading daily out of the markets. I won't get too technical but Tim looks at key markers that he’s have identified to give him a full picture of what's really going on...

Bond yields, inter-market lending costs, currency exchange rates, key technical levels on global indices, the prices of precious metals like gold and silver, and commodity prices generally. He looks at the real, incorruptible signals.

Human intelligence:

Speaking to his contacts within the City, Wall Street and the financial districts throughout Europe and Asia, Tim listens to the 'chatter' and back-channel communications that come out of the financial world.

He gathers as much value-added information, data and insight as he can from a substantial pool of experienced and influential analysts, strategists and asset managers.

Pattern recognition:

Where is the market heading? Which are the biggest potential dangers? Where are they hidden?

Pulling all of his intelligence together, Tim use his 25 years of experience helping to manage the fortunes of some very wealthy investors and institutions. He makes sense of it all.

And then he shows you precisely how to translate this knowledge into practical investments to help you protect your wealth… and take advantage of the resulting opportunities.

From all this raw data, chatter and insight, he brings all these disparate threads together. And he offers clear ideas of what protective and positive action can and should be taken as a result. And his number 1 priority is to help investors prepare for the Financial Martial Law coming to Britain.

That is his job in the London Investment Alert.

You’ll get full access to Tim’s Fail Safe Portfolio: containing the recommendations Tim believes will help shelter and grow your wealth in the face of Financial Martial Law. Tim is one of the most respected Defensive investors in the City and his value approach has served him well for more than two decades.

In addition, you’ll have full access to a special portfolio for long–term savers – The Lifetime Wealth Portfolio: We realise that a lot of people already have significant holdings and their main anxiety is how to keep it growing as safely as possible… despite the uncertainty and instability in the markets. Well, that’s precisely why we drafted in MoneyWeek’s top investment analyst Cris Sholto Heaton... to create and manage a selection of investments with this specific goal.

As an elite wealth manager Tim only usually shares his core insights amongst a small group of people.

Unless you have £250,000 or more to invest, it's unlikely you'd ever cross paths.

But this is an extraordinary time. A time when your hard-earned money could be decimated by events beyond your control.

Frankly, I don't think that's fair. And I don't want to see that happen.

So when you claim your free book, you’ll also start to receive a subscription to the London Investment Alert to help you keep your money out of their hands. You’ll have a full 30 days to try it out and see if it’s for you.

If you like what you see, you won’t have to do anything else. If we don’t hear from you in 30 days, you will be charged the £45 for the first year of your subscription.

That’s 50% off of the full price!

That works out at just 86p a week. No-where else in Britain will you be able to get this level of financial insight and acumen. And you’ll pay almost nothing for it. About the cost of a packet of chewing gum a week.

This is an ever-changing situation, mutating all the time as central banks and governments attempt — in vain — to control the financial monster they've created.

You are not responsible for the situation you find yourself in.

You're not in control of interest rates.

You're not in control of bond yields.

You can't do anything about high street banks being critically exposed to European debt.

You're powerless to stop central banks abolishing paper currency.

All of that is way out of your control. But...

You ARE in control of where you put your money.
That is your last remaining power you have over your financial life. Don't waste it. Use it while you still can.

The cost of leaving yourself at the mercy of the markets and aggressive government wealth repression is too great to even consider.

Once you are on board to receive these alerts, we'll be able to offer you specific strategies to help you preserve your wealth.

You'll have access to a level of true investment intelligence only a handful of people will ever experience.

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Be one of them.

In the London Investment Alert you'll be one of the few people in Britain who know what's actually going on with your money.

As I've said, Tim has made a habit of getting the big calls right and moving the hundreds of millions of pounds under his charge out of harm's way. This is past performance, which you cannot rely on for future results. Tim’s track record and reputation simply indicates the calibre of his insight, and value of his experience.

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For example, one exclusive publication Tim runs costs upwards of £1,000 a year.

But I don't want there to be ANY barrier between you and the kind of insight you need to stay ahead of the coming crisis.

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It’s important to remember that you must stay alert during these uncertain times because nobody can predict the future...
Having Tim’s investment intelligence bulletin delivered to you every other week will allow you to stay ahead of the assault on your wealth… so your dreams of protecting and growing your savings can remain intact.

Even as the worst unfolds (before most other investors even have a clue) you will have an assurance that you have one of the most astute and respected minds in the investment intelligence community in YOUR corner.

If what Tim says makes sense to you, then great, we hope you’ll continue to receive his newsletter in the future ...

If not, then you can simply cancel with no hard feelings.

But at least you will have gotten a chance to see Tim’s work ... to read his warnings about the Financial Martial Law and the war on cash… and to get his best analysis to know how to prepare your family.

By saying yes today you’ll get the book, the 30-day trial to Tim’s London Investment Alert newsletter, and the free gifts I’ve shown you.

And you are under no obligation to buy anything else from Tim or I in the future.

I’m giving this package away free (and actually losing money) for two very important reasons:
The War On Cash Book by Tim Price
Number one, because I’ve spent practically my entire working career trying to warn people about the troubles in our financial system through my work at Southbank Investment Research...

Now, I’m trying to warn millions more people here in Britain to prepare for this dangerous assault on their wealth.

And number two, it’s my sincere belief that once you see Tim’s excellent research and how it’s everything I’ve promised you (and more), that I’m betting you’ll want to hear from us long term and that we can very soon count you among one of our 100,000 regular readers.

The truth is: the £4.50 I’m asking you to cover will only pay for a portion of the costs to send you this package. That means I’m actually losing money for each person that requests these free gifts. For that reason, it's important to note that your £4.50 shipping fee is non-refundable.

But I’m willing to risk losing money on the effort because I believe so strongly in what Tim has to say, and that it can truly help you prepare for what’s to come.

I have been in financial publishing practically my entire working career and this is my number one priority: to deliver you with the information and intelligence you need to make good and – as much as possible – safe investment decisions for you and your family. And I believe it’s the most effective way to get this info into your hands, so you can make the final decision to decide if it’s worthy of your money.

The bottom line is:

You can get all the information you need in Tim's book The War on Cash: How to Survive Financial Martial Law and the four free gifts because I want you to be able to prepare as soon as possible.

Claim your free package today by filling out the simple and secure order form below.

Again, you’ll receive digital copies of everything – in just a few minutes from now – even if it’s 3:00 AM on a Sunday—immediately after you place your order.

Then, very soon after, a printed version of The War on Cash: How to Survive Financial Martial Law will be sent to your postal mailing address.

Thank you for reading this message.

Please reserve your copy below:

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Funds – Fund performance relies on the performance of the underlying investments and there is counterparty default risk which could result in a loss not represented by the underlying investment.

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