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#statins myths about causes of #heart attacks inc videos

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#statins myths about causes of #heart attacks inc videos

Postby Admin » 13 Aug 16 17:22

Watch the truth about #statins and the real cause of #heart #attacks and the myth and lies that are still being pushed today in order to make £60 billion each year. from one pill alone. i wonder why they push this deadly pill? £££££££££££

Video 2 explains the importance of cholesterol as this manufactures vitamin D3 in the skin.
When vitamin D is synthesised naturally with sunlight or sunbeds it is sulphated.

The pill form of vitamin D is not sulphated, This is just one of at least 12 very important biological benefits that you get with sunlight manufactured vitamin D.

So in video 2 it goes into very deep and clear descriptions of how and why cholesterol is important to protect the heart and not the other way round although we are talking about high HDL and low but essential LDL.
In other words we are talking about the ratio of HDL to the total figure of Cholesterol and also very important the Particle size which by the way my last blood test a few weeks ago when i asked my doc for my print out she didnt even know what i was talking about. How incredible is that. This topic is now updated and an absolute must watch if you are on statins and want to save your life.

Below is a paper i have written up and summarises this subject.

Cholesterol is a precursor for vitamin D.
Cholesterol is essential for cell communication.
Cholesterol deficiency can cause:
 Myopathy (along with Neuropathy can eventually lead to being in a wheel chair)
 Diabetes
 Liver disease
 Kidney failure
 Hepatitis
 Foetal deformities
 Cataracts
 Neuropathy
 Heart attack
 Cancer
 Brain hippocampus shrinkage leading to (Depression)
 Parkinson’s disease
 Alzheimer’s
 Cognitive behaviour
 Co/enzyme Q10 depletion ( This enzyme is crucial for the hearts function and energy )
 Depletes vitamin k2 which is essential for preventing calcification of the arteries and removing plaque from organs and sending it to the bones and teeth.
 Calcification of the arteries
 Cause systemic damage
(Neuropathy is one of the long-term complications which affect the nerves. Nerves carry messages between the brain and every part of our bodies, making it possible to see, hear, feel and move. Nerves also carry signals that we are not aware of to parts of the body such as the heart, altering the rate it beats at, and the lungs, so we can breathe. Therefore, damage to the nerves can cause problems in various parts of the body)

Sensory Neuropathy

Tingling and numbness
Loss of ability to feel pain
Loss of ability to detect changes in temperature
Loss of coordination – when you lose your joint position sense
Burning or shooting pains – these may be worse at night time.

(ALS attacks certain cells in the brain and the spinal cord needed to keep our muscles moving. Early signs and symptoms of ALS include muscle cramps and twitching, weakness in the extremities and difficulty speaking or swallowing. As the disease progresses, though, it is characterized by:
The inability to move any part of your body
The inability to speak or communicate with anything but your eyes
Complete reliance on a feeding tube for nutrition
The senses, including hearing, sight, smell, taste, and touch, are not affected by ALS. In most cases, people with ALS do not experience difficulties in bowel, bladder or sexual function)

Cholesterol is synthesised in the skin as well as being made by the liver. when we are exposed to sunlight we make sulphated vitamin D and sulphated cholesterol. Cholesterol is also synthesised in the brain.
We also need our cholesterol to be sulphated as when we expose ourselves to the sun the red blood cells in the arteries synthesise sulphate. The sulphated cholesterol is then directly shipped through the skin and into the blood stream and delivered to the cells and tissues.

So why is sulphate necessary?

Sulphate is necessary for the LDL cholesterol to deliver the sulphate to the heart , brain and muscles.
When cholesterol builds up in the arteries it is waiting for sulphate to arrive. Hence LDL gets a bad rap for causing blockages in the arteries, When in actual fact it is delivered there on site close to the heart waiting for sulphate to come along. It is also in place for emergencies because of the lack of sulphate in the first place.

The LDL is stored in the arteries because it cannot be delivered into the blood stream because it is fat soluble without the sulphate, which makes it water soluble. When sulphate is added it becomes water soluble and can then be delivered into the blood stream and to the tissues and cells throughout the body including the brain and heart.
So sulphate deficiency is what causes LDL cholesterol build up in the arteries and not the LDL itself. If the body was rich in sulphate there would not be any blockages.

Also when this build up occurs in the arteries because of a lack of sulphate the build-up of LDL is near the heart for a reason too. Another thing that is overlooked is that the body is very clever it actually grows bypass arteries when arteries start to get blocked up because of a lack of sulphate.

A very small heart attack may take place because of this and if this occurs it can actually have benefits.
The heart stores an amino acid called tureen and this tureen is one molecule away from being sulphate. So when the orchestrated heart attack occurs the tureen acquires the molecule needed to turn it into sulphate. This then allows the LDL build-up to be carried away by macrophages and also the cholesterol then becomes usable.

Also Cholesterol cannot pass the blood brain barrier to carry out its very important duties in the brain without it being sulphated. Statins do pass the blood brain barrier interfering with the synthesis of cholesterol. 90% of the brain is made up of cholesterol so it makes no sense to lower cholesterol.
Without the right amount of cholesterol in the brain a degenerative decline will start. i.e.

 Alzheimer’s
 Cognitive behaviour
 Memory loss
 Plus all the aforementioned afflictions at the start of this paper.

Statins interfere with serotonin production leading to depression and many other medical conditions. Serotonin needs cholesterol to function properly and statins cause serotonin interference. There is no correlation between high cholesterol and heart attacks , in fact medical charts around the world show that people with higher cholesterol have less heart attacks than people with low cholesterol. This is also true of people in hot countries where there is more exposure to the sun causing synthesis of sulphated vitamin D and sulphated cholesterol.

Remember ingested form of vitamin D is not sulphated hence the importance of sunshine on the skin.

Sulphate causes a negative charge and a magnetic field is produced around the blood cells. This negative charge stops the red blood cells from sticking together (coagulating) and so the viscosity of the blood is less and so it flows better making it healthier. This magnetic field is also necessary for cellular signalling. So here again we can see the importance of cholesterol. The cholesterol also prevents infection getting into the cells.
Statins interfere with cellular signalling.

The importance and relevance of vitamin D synthesised naturally with sunshine is that when synthesised naturally it is sulphated unlike when you ingest vitamin d i.e. take a vitamin D pill.
This is just one of at least 12 benefits you get from sunshine rather than taking vitamin D in pill form.
One other benefit is the necessary production of nitric oxide which is converted into nitrate essential for softening the arteries and dilating them for easy blood flow and to prevent hardening of the arteries and prevention of plaque build-up, it is also essential for cellular signalling.

When your own cholesterol levels rise from your own normal levels this is usually in response to something that is going on in your body and it needs to raise cholesterol for a reason that needs to be investigated.
It could be that you already have a heart problem or a sulphate deficiency.
Cholesterol also heals cuts in the body and even cuts from foreign bodies in the arteries and that is another reason it is always at the scene.It is a repair system so again makes no sense to lower it.

Causes of high LDL

One of the causes of high LDL and the cause of LDL build up in the arteries is GMO’S (genetically modified organisms) Herbicides sprayed onto crops and processed food.
The main culprit is Glyphosate. This is a chemical that is sprayed onto food in the fields where it is being cultivated and Glyphosate is toxic to the human body.
Glyphosate impairs the body’s ability to maintain sulphate.

Hence cholesterol is packaged and wrapped up in LDL and delivered to the arteries near the heart until it can be sulphated to make it water soluble so that it can be shipped out into the blood and to the cells and tissues.
So therefore we have a build-up of LDL which is cleverly distributed near the heart until sulphur comes along. This is where cholesterol gets the blame and a bad rap for causing heart attacks, which of course is untrue.
Cholesterol also protects the body’s cells from infection so to reduce cholesterol does not make sense.
“It is also the sulphated vitamin D and not the ingested form that protects and helps to cure cancer and other degenerative diseases”
This adds to the theory that natural sun based synthesis of vitamin d is crucial to the human body.

LDL particle size

This is where the medical doctors also let us down again because they do not check for the size of the LDL particles which is important.
Small particles are more atherogenic meaning that they are more likely to stick or lodge in the artery walls increasing the IMT (intima medial thickness) thickness of the arterial wall due to fat and plaque build-up. This test for the IMT is usually done using ultrasound.

The smaller the LDL particles are the more they oxidise and are more likely to lodge.
There is a test for this called electrophoresis using gradient gel but they don’t even test for this.
Sulphate can also be measured but they do not test for this either to see if you are deficient.

When statins were introduced around 1980 heart failures doubled between 1980 and 1990 and has continued to rise since.
To help promote the use of this lethal chemical statins big Pharma also lied saying that it has an added benefit preventing Alzheimer’s. This too is a lie because it actually it causes Alzheimer’s.

The natural way to get LDL low is through sunlight. When our skin is exposed to sunlight the red blood cells make sulphated vitamin D. By getting the sulphate, this then works in synergy with cholesterol and vitamin D so therefore the liver does not need to make more LDL to package up the cholesterol to deliver it. Without sulphate it has to be packaged up in LDL because with out the sulphate it is fat based so it cannot be shipped out into the blood stream as the sulphate makes the cholesterol water based, hence the reason for cholesterol being wrapped up in LDL. That is why LDL is always at the scene of the crime (heart attack or failure) and gets the blame for the sulphate deficiency

The statins also interfere with the livers ability to produce LDL and so we have less cellular signalling and all the other attributed problems listed at the beginning of this paper.

Very Disturbing fact about statins below

Statins are also a class x drug. There is only one other drug that is class x and that is the drug that caused Thalidomide. If you can remember the drug it caused pregnant women who were taking this drug to give birth to babies with no arms, no legs, and no ears etc.

“This is the most destructive, lethal and catastrophic drug to ever come out of the Big Pharma industry. In time history will show statins to be an even bigger catastrophe than Thalidomide”
“We have to remember that the FDA is funded by the Big pharmaceutical companies and that is why all the papers that come out about the chemical drugs (yes all drugs are actually chemicals that also cause metabolic slowdown of the cells regenerative properties in turn causing faster aging are skewed in favour of selling these drugs to fund their greed for money over their responsibility to the public for which the FDA was originally intended for”.

Foods that help raise HDL

High fibre fruit
Fatty fish, Salmon- Mackerel-tuna all rich in omega 3s
Milled or ground flaxseed (plant based omega 3s which the body converts some of this to animal based omega 3s too)
Chia seeds, (plant based omega 3s which the body converts some of this to animal based omega 3s too
Brazil nuts-Almonds-pistachios peanuts

Foods that help lower LDL

Red apples
Red plums
Nuts as above
The red plums and apples seem to pop up often and these also are clinically tested and peer reviewed.


Vitamin D
Sulphate (This usually is marketed in the form of Glucosamine and Chondroitin) People may take these supplements for joint pain and to help build muscle etc. but in actual fact it is the sulphur that is doing the trick. If you can get hold of celadrin this will also help with the absorption of this.
Omega 3s fish oils 1200 up to 2000 mg daily. Also helps lower triglycerides.
CO/enzyme Q10
Garlic tablets

“The lists above are not exhaustive but I believe are essential according to my research”

I have yet to complete these papers and I have not yet proofed these papers but will be adding to and proofing the wording etc. as I go along with my writing of these.

In the meantime please refer back to these or print them out and watch the videos which I believe to be some of the best at explaining using science and clinical trials by world leading experts .
Hope this helps to get the truth out there and prompts you to look at the facts and do your own research

Know The Truth!

Brilliant new video added no 6 with Stephanie Seneff PHD

KNow The Truth!

no 1 video is from The truth about cancer series but is essentially about statins in this video.
in this video we talk about PQQ, CO/enzyme Q10 and NAC. here is a link below to these supplements essential to save your heart that explain everything you need to know.

click this link to go to topic: viewtopic.php?f=8&t=202

video 1

video 2 Dr. Stephanie Seneff ... dO13zaIIE2

video 3 ... dO13zaIIE2

video 4 ... dO13zaIIE2

video 5

Video 6 ... dO13zaIIE2

Below is the latest explanation on the real cause of heart attacks. not cholesterol but Insulin resistance.
A great explanation as to how it works.New science now says it is also vitamin C deficiency as we dont produce this nutrient as we lost that ability 1,000s of years ago. So it is important to supplement. Vitamin C helps prevent the atherosclerosis.

Video 7

Know The Truth!
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#statins myths about causes of #heart attacks inc videos

Postby Admin » 12 Mar 19 15:36

So here we are 12 March 2019 and its all over the news what we at jetsun have known for a long time as you can see in our above post nearly 3 years ago.
The figures that Big Pharma moke from this drug are actually around £30 billion per year in America alone.

In a press release on November 1st, Pfizer, one of the world’s biggest pharma companies, announced it was scrapping its high-profile experimental cholesterol drug bococizumab. Citing studies showing adverse reactions and the chemical’s ineffectiveness, the drug maker concluded that the candidate injection product was “not likely to provide value to patients, physicians, or shareholders.” In plain English, this means it doesn’t work and that investors couldn’t make money from it. With global sales of statins and other so-called ‘lipid regulators’ having now fallen more than 32% over the past 5 years, the announcement provides further evidence that the pharma industry’s multibillion dollar ‘cholesterol bubble’ has burst.

Only a few years ago, everything in the ‘cholesterol garden’ seemed rosy for the Pharma Cartel. By 2011, global sales of statins and other lipid-regulating drugs had reached a dizzying new high of 39.1 billion dollars a year. At that time, with statins functioning as the pharma industry’s “goldmine”, Pfizer’s Lipitor was the world’s top-selling drug with annual sales of over 12 billion dollars. But in the years that followed, things quickly began to change.

Lawsuits were filed against Pfizer after it was found that Lipitor may increase the risk of developing diabetes, severe muscle pain, and other serious health problems. AstraZeneca, the manufacturers of Crestor, another statin, also had lawsuits filed against it by patients who had suffered side effects. From the global highpoint in 2011, sales of statins and other lipid-regulators subsequently fell every single year. By 2015 they had plummeted to 26.5 billion dollars, a fall of over 32%. With drug patents expiring and a growing worldwide awareness of the dangers of statins, this downward trend seems set to continue.

Source: IMS Health statistics

Statins are NOT the answer to heart disease
Sales of statins and other ‘lipid regulating’ drugs are built on a deeply cynical combination of fear and lies – the fear that cholesterol supposedly causes heart attacks, and the lie that statins are the answer. Far from being an undesirable substance, however, the fact is that cholesterol is actually essential to our bodies. A structural constituent of the walls of billions of cells, it is the precursor of important biological molecules such as vitamin D and the hormones estrogen and testosterone.

Moreover, so long as blood vessel walls are structurally intact, there is no scientific evidence that cholesterol, even at moderately elevated levels, damages them or causes atherosclerotic plaques and heart attacks. To have a damaging effect on otherwise intact blood vessel walls in test animals, cholesterol must be artificially increased to levels essentially never observed in humans.

Significantly, therefore, with skepticism about the cholesterol theory of heart disease growing even among orthodox cardiologists, researchers were said to have been “stunned” earlier this year to learn that evacetrapib, a new cholesterol-lowering drug produced by Eli Lilly, did not reduce the risk of either heart attacks, strokes, or death.

As the ongoing cholesterol drug failures therefore remind us, in order to successfully control heart disease it is essential that we correctly identify its root cause.

The end of heart disease is now possible
In April 2015, scientists at the Dr. Rath Research Institute in California published a groundbreaking study in the American Journal of Cardiovascular Disease proving that heart disease is an early form of the vitamin C deficiency disease scurvy. Building on a discovery made by Dr. Rath in the early 1990s, the publication of this research dealt a major blow to the cholesterol theory of heart disease and the Pharma Cartel’s sales of cholesterol-lowering drugs.

As Dr. Rath’s work has shown, coronary heart disease occurs for precisely the same reason that clinical (early) scurvy does – a deficiency of vitamin C in the cells composing the artery wall. Unlike animals, humans develop heart disease because their bodies cannot produce vitamin C. While the average human diet provides enough vitamin C to prevent scurvy, this is not enough to guarantee stable artery walls. As a consequence of the insufficient supply of vitamin C, millions of tiny cracks and lesions develop in the artery walls. Subsequently, cholesterol, lipoproteins, and other risk factors enter to repair this damage.

Of all these risk factors, by far the most important is a molecule known as Lipoprotein(a). Primarily found in humans and sub-human primates, Lipoprotein(a) functions as a repair molecule compensating for the structural impairment of the vascular wall. In general, animals that produce vitamin C in their bodies do not produce Lipoprotein(a). In human beings, in the case of a chronic deficiency of vitamin C, the arterial repair process becomes continuous. Over the course of many years, atherosclerotic deposits develop. This eventually leads to the occurrence of heart attacks and strokes.

Almost a quarter of a century ago, Dr. Rath and two-time Nobel Laureate Dr. Linus Pauling issued their historic “Call for an International Effort to Abolish Heart Disease”. Today, it is becoming increasingly clear that the possibility of eliminating heart disease as the major cause of death and disability is closer than ever before. The more of us who commit ourselves to reaching this goal by sharing the facts as widely as possible, the sooner it will be achieved
Know The Truth!
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