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#Depression cure inc video's

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#Depression cure inc video's

Postby Admin » 02 Feb 17 23:03

[quote]Let’s start by telling you that the psychiatric industry is worth a whopping “£330 billion pound”
yes you've guessed part of the Big Pharma scam.

Depression is now a huge problem, it has now reached pandemic proportions. It begs the question why?

Please read these notes once twice or even more and also watch these video's more than once and refer back to them time and again because i have and each time i watch them i see or here something i missed the first time.[/quote]

This is a light overview albeit a bit long , but a very important read before watching the video's

People with depression have a smaller hippocampus than people without depression.
90% of Serotonin a brain chemical (a neurotransmitter)is produced in the gut.
Depression can be caused by the CNS (Central nervous system)

“Exercise helps with depression. One of the ways it does this is by reversing the atrophy (shrinkage) taking place in the Hippocampus plus it causes the chemical release of serotonin a hormone often referred to as the happy hormone”

Sleep restricted therapy to reset your circadian rhythm.
Sleep or lack of is another contributor to depression. With a poor sleep pattern this alters your circadian rhythm. This can be corrected with a three week cycle of going to bed at no later than 10.30pm and out of bed at no later than 4.30am for a period of three weeks. No naps during the day.

This should reset your circadian rhythm. These times are set in stone and yes you will be tired whilst resetting your circadian rhythm.
A sleeping mask will also help as during the night we tend to open our eyes every hour with lets a little light in and interrupts the pattern. So a sleeping mask will help this situation.

Causes of Depression

SSRI’s (selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors) Anti-depressant pills.
Antidepressants increase risk of bipolar 50% within a 5 year period.
You are 45% more likely to have a stroke.
You have a 32% increased risk of a heart attack.

You are more likely to have a smaller hippocampus if you take blood pressure drugs, and
You have a lack of omega 3s and a lack of the pre hormone vitamin D.
Not enough good gut flora bacteria caused by toxins, glutamate and msg.
Your Circadian rhythm is out of balance.
A deficit in neurotransmitters.

Subluxation of the spine caused by poor posture affecting the CNS (Central nervous system) a chiropractor will be able to help with this to release the pressure on the CNS.
This is the cause of so many illnesses because of the effect a trapped nerve trying to sinal messages to all parts of the body is prevented from doing its job.
A back rack available from Amazon with magnets can also help to realign your spine.
You have Poor nutrition. I.e. a big one is lack of omega 3s i.e. eggs for a good source and chicken.
The Lack of omega 3s in your diet. Flaxseed is another good source of plant based omega 3s look for organic and milled.

Other causes that can also be reversed

False expectations!
Most of the stuff we worry about does not come true.
We have two minds. The conscious and the unconscious minds.
The conscious mind is what we are thinking about all the time.
The unconscious mind is programmed by repetition.

An example is to try using a tennis racket with your left hand if you are right handed. This is spoken about at length in one of the videos.
This is called hand eye co-ordination or muscle memory.
This actually changes the structures of the brain and reprogramming your subconscious mind.
Emotions are chemicals secreted by the brain and how it perceives the environment.
Habits create new neurons and so this is not a belief system just repetition.
Having negative thoughts should be replaced with happy memories or things that make you feel good. Always try to see your cup half full and not half empty.

The “I am” Program (using Neurolinguistic language programing )

This program is based on repetition and is not a belief. This will create new chemical neurons in the brain.
Here is the program to be spoken out loud every day before bed and read for ten minutes before going to sleep. This program should be spoken out loud each day between 3 and 5 times daily preferably in front of a mirror.

Say I am before each of these words below using body notation i.e. head up chin up chest out


Vitamins and food

Vitamin D3
Probiotics (good gut bacteria)
B vitamins or a strong complex
Vitamin c
Omega 3s form fish oils say 500mg daily (animal based) eggs are a good source.
Fermented foods
Chia seeds (plant based omega 3s)
Flaxseeds (plant based omega 3s)
This list is to be updated over the next week from this date 24/11/18


MSG (monosodium glutamate) this is an excitotoxin MSG attaches to the pleasure centre in the brain so this becomes addictive. This has a neurological effect on brain function like aspartame, Splenda and NutraSweet.
These neurotoxins can blow holes in the gut causing frontal lobe damage in the brain which in turn causes a loss of impulse control leading to depression, Bipolar disorder and violent behaviour etc.
Allergies are abnormal protein.

The nervous system is split into the parasympathetic system (rest, digest and repair) and the sympathetic system (fight or flight)
To recover from any disease including depression, bipolar disorder is vital to balance your autonomic nervous system.

Physical stress on the spine can cause stress on the nervous system.
I.e. Pain in the hand can be caused by a misaligned vertebrae or subluxations.
This will keep your body in fight or flight mode leading to high blood pressure and high sugar levels in the blood.

Reduce this pressure on the nervous system to change from a sympathetic dominant system to a normally balanced nervous system. Heal subluxation and the body will heal itself.
Low cholesterol is also linked to depression. Cholesterol is vital for hormone production and is the main material the brain is made of.
This low cholesterol can cause a hormone imbalance and brain dysfunction.


The first thing to look at to cure depression is the, nervous system then the stress hormones, then you look at rewiring the brain using neurolinguistics programming (i.e. the I am program)
You have to perceive yourself as happy, successful etc.
This will release the right emotional chemicals in your brain.

This is the true you and vice versa, like if you perceive yourself as unsuccessful.
How you view your personal reality “the true you is what makes up your personality”
Change your perception and it changes how your brain cells fire which changes the way your brain is wired (structural change) which in turn changes the type of chemicals produced which then changes your emotional state.

Neuroplasticity is changing your perception.

By doing this you will produce the right drug in the right dosage at the right time without any side effects as you do get from pharmaceutical drugs.
“Emotions are chemicals produced by the way your brain is wired. Emotions are based on perceptions.
Your perceptions are based on how your neurons fire together.
Your neurons cause your body to produce chemicals with different emotions.
Your emotions become your personal reality”

You have the ability to change brain structure and wiring with the list below:

• Sleep restricted therapy to reset your circadian rhythm. This is explained how to in the video’s.
• Detoxing:
• Get your CNS (central nervous system) checked out and make it healthy:
• See a chiropractor to check out for any subluxation of your vertebrae causing pressure on your nerves.
• Meditation:
• Neurolinguistics programing:
• Nutrition:
• EFT (emotional freedom technique)
• EDMR (eye movement desensitization and reprocessing) This is used by the military.

The goal is to shift the emotion held in the right side of the brain to the left side (logic centre)
This way the memory becomes just a memory.

Depression and Bipolar are not genetic.

The control of what genes you express is in your hands . This is called “Epigenetic” control.
The parts of DNA you choose to express are the key to health or disease.
Note! A good book to read is “Biology of perception” by doctor Bruce Lipton.
He talks about “it’s not what is really happening to you but how you perceive the event”
This perception changes protein production.
Please note! Medications can cause epigenetic changes.
Drugs that are known to cause epigenetic changes include:

• Statins
• Antidepressants
• Beta blockers
• Diuretics
• Tamoxifen
• Methotrexate
• Anti-inflammatories
• Even anaesthetics
• Oral contraceptives
• Antibiotics


“Recovery from depression/ bipolar disorder cannot involve pharmaceutical or medication approach” in fact these medications make it worse by not treating the problem but the symptom.
The key is to restore health and to do this we must find the contributing factors i.e. Chemical, Physical, and emotional stressors causing the disease processors.

As a normal healthy human you replace one billion cells per day.
Diet should be 80% plant based foods and preferably organic.
Animal based products have endotoxins in them that cause systemic inflammation.
It takes around 90 days to heal a gut.

Eliminate poly unsaturated fatty acids from your diet. This will help stop the blood from clumping together. When this happens it doesn’t hold as much oxygen. Healthy blood full of oxygen is vital for a healthy brain.
Eat plenty of fresh organic fruit and vegetables
Eliminate Gluten and commercial diary
Eliminate genetically modified foods and processed food.
Try blending the following:
Organic Coconut oil, a medium chain fatty acid excellent for healing brain function.
Try adding your own vegetables to a smoothie blender.
It would be good practice for people with depression to take one tablespoon of organic coconut oil a day to heal the brain.
Increase fish oils- sardine-mackeral
Drink plenty of water around half your body weight in ounces. i.e. if you weigh 200lb you need 100 ounces of water per day.
Water is also a great natural blood thinner and also helps produce oxygen in the blood hence more oxygen to the brain.

Remember perception changes physiology so you can think yourself well or you can think yourself into disease.
Depression is labelled incurable but this is not true only if you keep on taking their drugs.

Remember exercise grows the Hippocampus even a 30 minute walk each day can do this.


After reading this and watching the video’s you will know how to heal yourself.

Now you know emotions are chemicals produced by how your brain is wired. Your brains wiring and structure can be changed. The plasticity of your brain can be changed and now you know how to do this.
You know that it is not the events that happen to you, it is your perception of those events and changing your perception of those events is in your control.
You know that you have to detox and eliminate toxins.
You know how to rebuild your body and your brain.

Below are 5 Steps to regain your life and restore your health

1. Get your nervous system checked for subluxations.
2. Heal the Gut by healthy nutrition with blending, supplements, eliminating toxic food products.
3. Get your body healthy naturally and eliminate unnecessary medications.
4. Get deep sleep every night so that the body self-heals.
5. Exercise and meditate to change your perception and that ill change your brain structure.

I hope you enjoyed this Topic and that it has given you hope and inspired you to do your own research and change the way you see yourself and to give yourself the happy life you deserve.
Below are some video's i believe hold the key to your self cure.
Please refer back to the summary and video's as many times as necessary to really understand and learn how to heal yourself. Please be patient when watching these and you will need to watch all way through with no skipping if your serious about healing yourself.

I suggest you have pen and paper to hand to make notes as your watching these video's. ... udJqty8_BP ... udJqty8_BP ... udJqty8_BP ... udJqty8_BP ... udJqty8_BP

So here is the amazing Dr Joe Dispenza. The one who many learn and copy from for their own seminars. See one of his video's below. Worth watching two, three or even more times.

Please read comments below for added info.
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#Depression cure inc video's

Postby Admin » 03 Feb 17 15:16

Treatment for Depression

Depression and Bi-polar disorder at at epidemic levels today.  So many suffer from this debilitating condition but aren’t getting relief because the medical approach is flawed.  The list of dangerous depression medications is growing almost daily but they focus on the brain.  Over 90% of serotonin is produced in the gut.  This is called the enteric brain.  The majority of depression sufferers have leaky gut which is when large proteins are allowed to pass directly into the blood stream without being broken down properly first.  The result is a lack of absorption of critical nutrients and improper overall function.  The pharmaceutical industry focuses on drugs that are SSRIs or Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibiters. They believe it is a brain chemistry problem but in actuality, it is a leaky gut problem.


Isn’t depression just a chemical imbalance?
Absolutely not.  There is no chemical difference in the brain comparing a severe schizophrenic to a “normal” person.  Current medical protocols do not test the chemicals in the brain.  There is, however, a neurotransmitter problem but even that isn’t measured today.  Depression is a gut issue most of the time or a stress issue.  Since 90% of the body’s serotonin is produced in the gut and a constant “fight or flight” state can lead to depression.

Are anti-depressants safe?

Absolutely not.  There is a black box warning on anti-depressants that says they have the effect of suicide or suicidal thoughts.  Anything that has that effect, particularly when we don’t know how they work in the body, is a bad idea.

How do anti-depressants work?

The mechanism of action of anti-depressants is UNKNOWN.  Nobody knows how they work! The advertisements say they BELIEVE they inhibit serotonin re-uptake, but they don’t really know for sure.

What are GMOs?

Genetically Modified Organisms. Those are patentable products that have NEVER had human testing.  The animal studies show that they cause damage to the cholesterol synthesis and immune system. They are dangerous! Most countries are banning them now.  

Isn’t depression just ‘all in my head’?

No, depression is mainly in your gut.  It is actually called an enteric brain.  Focus on the nervous system and the gut. 

How can I get through my depression?

Find the stressors.  It will be a physical, chemical or emotional stressor.  
Get your nervous system checked for the physical stressors.  
Chemical stress-  eliminate toxins from your diet. Eat healthy organic whole foods.
Emotional stress use meditation.  You can also try the emotional freedom technique or EMDR (eye movement de-sensitization response).  Using those methods will help you recover from your depression. 

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Name: Stan
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