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Celiac Disease symptoms Cause and Cure

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Celiac Disease symptoms Cause and Cure

Postby Admin » 16 May 18 17:04

So it turns out that Celiac disease is an autoimmune disease!!!
well actually that's not true although antigens like Gliadin from Gluten which is found in wheat, Barley and Rye do cause the immune system to attack your body.
New research and science now shows that it can also be a genetic mutation in two forms.
1: hereditary form one or both parents.
2: somatic (Acquired) Through environmental factors such as lifestyle, nutrition etc known as epigenetics.
So if we have somatic Celiac disease or IBS later in life then we can also reverse this by epigenetics by lifestyle , Nutrition and mindfulness.
Biology of belief is using perception to alter the biology and physiology of your body and so we can alter the way that the gene is expressed.

But the fact is it is doing this because wheat is not actually wheat anymore like it used to be 40 years ago.
We need to strengthen the immune system and very importantly get the gut bacteria optimised and get rid of toxins.
Basically we need to aim to get our body into a homeostatic state and alkaline and then optimise the nutrient deficiencies by means of food and very importantly supplements, which is even more important as we age because we stop metabelising certain things as we age. A great video here by the one and only Doctor Bergman. Love this guy.
Even people such as myself that are not gluten intolerant are still being damaged by today's so called wheat due to the internal inflammatory response that it causes.
One more point to make is that this can be cured in around 30 days if you go totally 100% Gluten free.
But be warned, you have to check food labels etc etc as you will find it is in a hell of a lot of foods.
See the video below and have yourself a pen and paper ready to make notes. It is a lifestyle change and will be quite challenging.
Know The Truth!
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Celiac Disease symptoms Cause and Cure • Tanning and Health News

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