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Depression "MTHFR" Genetic Defect Methylation Cycle fix

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Depression "MTHFR" Genetic Defect Methylation Cycle fix

Postby Admin » 08 Jun 18 22:58

So what is MTHFR Gene Mutation and Methylation?

Let’s start with Methylation!

So we have what is called the methylation cycle and this is apart from other duties is what converts folic acid into folate (B9) the active form of folic acid.
Unfortunately some people about 40% have a defective MTHFR Gene and this creates medical and mental illnesses within the body and the brain.

So what happens is when this MTHFR Gene is mutated it cannot perform its duties correctly.
One of its duties is to convert the folic acid via its enzyme into the active form (B9) folate.
Because it has a fault the receptors cannot do this and so there is a build-up of folic acid blocking the pathways for folate and hence there is a deficiency of folate and this creates a multitude of medical and mental problems such as Autism, ADHD, Depression, Anxiety, neurotransmitter disruption such as serotonin release, Melatonin, Dopamine etc.

This Gene can be passed down from one parent and is called Heterozygous and you will lose around 40% of this genes function.
On the chance that you have inherited this Gene from your mother and your father it is called Homozygous, the inability to perform its role of conversion is affected by around 70%, so as you can see this can have catastrophic effects on the body and brain.
Gene's are blueprints and does not mean you are bound by them.
They have to be expressed and the way we do this is by environment, food ,supplements and detoxification.
This is called using epigenetics but this is covered in detail on another topic on our forum.
The pathway for the folate to be used is blocked by the folic acid that cannot be converted and this is why you end up with deficiency in folate.

Your doctor should be able to accommodate a Histamine level test for you.
This will show if your under Methylating or over methylating.
Sometimes one can actually under and over methylate.
This methylation and histamine levels need to be balanced in a state of homeostatic
This is done by a blood test, but is better to have a full blood test done.

So here is the Methylation cycle:

MTHFR Gene >Enzyme> folic acid> (B9) folate the active form of folic acid>
>Methyl folate>Homocysteine>Methionine an amino acid>SAM-E (this is an amino acid)

Because of an enzyme defect in the MTHFR Gene this cycle is broken down and leads to the above and also the below symptoms in no particular

1: An Inability to detoxify heavy metals like mercury, Aluminium and other toxins in the liver.
2: Dementia
3: Fibromyalgia
4: Inflammation
5: Arthritic pains
6: High blood pressure
7: Aching joints
8: Depression
9: Anxiety
10: Autism
11: ADHD
12: Heart problems
13: Addictions

People with this MTHFR Gene defect which is about 40% of the population even though through varies reasons some people it doesn’t affect, but not going into that now have to learn how to express this gene through your environment using epigenetics, like detox, food etc.

Foods to avoid

1: Folic acid and this includes if using supplements or in food.
2: Gluten, which in itself is a big challenge because Gluten is found in most packaged food.

Foods that is rich in folate (B9)

Dark green leafy veg
Organic eggs
Almond nuts
Omega 3s fatty acids


Vitamin D3
Folate ((B9)
B12 Cobalamin
Glutathione reduced
Krill Oil
Omega 3s
Please see video’s below.
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Depression "MTHFR" Genetic Defect Methylation Cycle fix • Tanning and Health News

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