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Monday-Friday (11am-9pm) • Saturday (11am-7.00pm)

Massage Therapy

Different techniques are used in all of our Massage therapies to target areas of tension and other muscle and soft-tissue problems. Massage therapy helps the body heal itself to increase health and well-being. Massage is not a cure for any serious illness but it can be extremely beneficial in providing relief from the symptoms of many ailments.

Massage provides relaxation, eases tension, anxiety and Stress. Massage can also help with Depression and Insomnia along with minor sports injuries, back pain, joint pain and Headaches. A proven therapy to improve blood flow circulation and stimulate nerves, Massage can help with aching limbs and restless legs.


Massage Therapy Prices

  • Full body massage • From only £23.00
  • Back, neck, shoulder massage • From only £14.00
  • Legs massage • From only £10.00

Massage Aromatherapy Prices

We also offer Aromatherapy massages using custom blended essential oils to really chillax you! Give yourself a real treat!

  • Aromatherapy Full body massage • From only £27.00
  • Aromatherapy Back, neck, shoulder massage • From only £17.00
  • Aromatherapy Legs massage • From only £12.00
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