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Diamond Micro Dermabrasion

Diamond Micro Dermabrasion provides skin correction treatment for prevention of skin ageing, fine lines and wrinkles, post-acne marks and scars, pigmentation disorders, dyschromias, epidermal hyper pigmentation, cutaneous surface depressions and irregularities, milia and comedones, Photo ageing, striated skin (stretch marks) and post-surgical scars. Diamond micro dermabrasion stimulates the rejuvenation of new cell growth and leaves skin smooth and refreshed.

  • Single Treatment • From only £30.00
  • Course of 6 • From only £150.00

Diamond Micro Dermabrasion Questions?

Why Diamonds?

Previous micro dermabrasion technology involved the high-speed propulsion of sand crystals composed of aluminium oxide against the skin (I.E: Micro sandblasting). Medical controversy is rising regarding the safety of inhaling aluminium oxide dust. In contrast, our system utilizes a diamond tip wand. It is a revolutionary new approach to removing dead skin and eliminating superficial blemishes without the risks associated with aluminium oxide dust inhalation.

Our Micro Dermabrasion equipment

The wands remove dead skin cells by polishing the skin with natural diamond chips in a very controlled and precise manner. Made of stainless steel, each wand is plated with pure nickel and natural diamond chips crafted to the exact micron size. Several wand sizes are used to ensure proper resurfacing for each individual skin type.

The Results

Removing the dead skin leaves a smoother surface and promotes new skin growth. Because there are no crystals being propelled onto the skin, this system allows the treatment of areas closer to the eyes and those fine lines around the mouth. The results include healthier, more youthful looking skin with a silky smooth feel, whilst being safe. Once the treatment is complete, the skin that has been removed is deposited on a small, disposable filter for the client to see. One off treatments are available as a freshen up or courses of 6 and 10 treatments are available. The number of sessions vary depending on the problem area being treated. The interval between treatments is usually between 7 to 14 days.

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