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Avoid #Heart #Disease Fifteen minutes Exercise a day

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Avoid #Heart #Disease Fifteen minutes Exercise a day

Postby Admin » 11 Jul 13 12:50

If you're interested in living a longer, healthier life, nothing beats proper diet and exercise—even low amounts of exercise. A recent study published in the journal Lancet, which included several hundred thousand people between 1996 and 2008 found that a mere 15 minutes of exercise a day can increase your lifespan by three years!

Those who got themselves moving for at least 15 minutes a day, or 90 minutes a week, also had a 14 percent reduced risk of all-cause mortality.


"Every additional 15 minutes of daily exercise beyond the minimum amount of 15 minutes a day further reduced all-cause mortality by 4 percent, and all-cancer mortality by 1 percent. These benefits were applicable to all age groups and both sexes, and to those with cardiovascular disease risks.

Individuals who were inactive had a 17 percent increased risk of mortality compared with individuals in the low-volume group.

How Exercise Increases Life Expectancy

Exercise is known to be effective in the prevention of disease of all kinds which, naturally, will allow you to live longer.

For example, exercise can help:

Lower your blood pressure, Fight depression, Lose weight, Relieve chronic knee pain,
Manage arthritis, Lower your risk of diabetes and reverse pre-diabetes, Reduce your risk of cancer, Slow down your aging process,
Lower your risk of heart disease, Build strong bones, Increase your energy levels, Boost your IQ and think better.

Have a look at our topic " Anaerobic Training " This is the best way to train your heart.
Starting out with less repetitions at first until your fitness level improves. click link below to view topic

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Avoid #Heart #Disease Fifteen minutes Exercise a day • Exercise

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